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Mine Little Pony: Friendship is Crafting

Ponify your Minecraft experience!

Need more pony in your life? This My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic inspired Minecraft mod will turn you, other players, and even mobs into little pastel-colored horses!


Mine Little Pony is unreliant on server plugins and works seamlessly with other Pony clients.

6 Unique Pony Types

Be an earth pony, pegasus, unicorn, alicorn, zebra, or changeling with trigger pixels.

Highly Customizable

Mine Little Pony supports custom skins and custom player model modifications.

Ponified Mobs

Mobs have also been transformed into ponies and can be textured using resource packs.

HD Skins

Tired of 8x8 faces? Mine Little Pony has its own skin server that supports high definition skins.

Armor Compatiblity

Minecraft armor pieces fit on Mine Little Pony models and can also be textured using resource packs.

Installation Instructions

Follow these quick steps to get Mine Little Pony up and running. LiteLoader is required.

Skinning Help

See skinning guides and instructions on how to customize your pony model.

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