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Q: What is the Meaning of Life?

A: What does this have to do with the mod?

Q: Why does my Skin take so long to update?

A: It sometimes takes the skin server a little longer to update, Please be patient and your skin will update soon.

Q: Why is this page so empty???

A: There's not enough Frequently asked questions! (But feel free to ask some on the Discord Server!)

Q: Does FillyCam still work?

A: FillyCam has been discontinued, please use the BigPony mod instead: BigPony

Q: Is there a forge version?

A: No, however you can install liteloader as a forge mod and add MineLittlePony to forge that way, you can read more about that here: Install LiteLoader as a Forge Mod

Q: How do I retrieve my skin from the server?

A: To retrieve your skin go to: http://skins.voxelmodpack.com/skins/[UUID].png, replace [UUID] with your minecraft UUID (you can Google how to find this out)